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Why Sugarbaby AGo-Go? Look here, and see why!


Sugarbaby Club Now Bigger



Now On Two Floors

Sugarbaby Club offer its famous acts on two floors so that you can find your favorite seat anytime. With more playgrounds to get your hands busy.

Two very different dancing stages to experience on both floors. Plus four different areas of naughtiness; the infamous shower and play mat on the ground floor and two play mats at nose/mouth level on the top floor. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, just visit us.




go go party in pattaya

Private shows only for you


Are you ready to be the ultimate Sugar Daddy?

Imagine the entire club exclusively for you and your guests


sexy thai girls

Pick as many as you want


Complete with:

  • your own discrete private entrance
  • full service
  • security staff
  • unlimited booze
  • beautiful girls

Private parties

Unlimited booze, no hidden fees


Of course you can hand pick your favorite girls or allow us to surprise you

This is not a VIP room, this is an entire A Go Go club and it’s all yours

We are the first and only A Go Go Club in Pattaya that offer hands on experiences

Take your night to the next level….

Private Party inquiry




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